TestFreaks documentation

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Product data

To help customize the platform to your products, we usually need a product feed containing your product catalog. You can normally use feeds already set up for Google Merchant, price comparison sites, etc. You can also use our Products API.

Order data

By integrating order data, TestFreaks can automatically send review requests to your customers. For many platforms there are exitsting integrations and apps, but you can also refer to our order feed documentation or the Orders API.

Importing existing reviews

If you have previously been using another review system or provider to collect product reviews or service/seller reviews it is possible to import your existing reviews.

Collecting reviews

TestFreaks will send review request emails to customers using the order and product data. The email templates, delay and review form can be customized if you don’t want to start with our defaults. The review form can be set to include images, custom questions and other fields in addition to star rating and text.

Read more about the review forms, scheduling and email templates under the Collecting reviews section.

Displaying reviews

We have three main options for displaying the reviews on your website.

A good starting point is our Hosted UI widget. You will add a few placeholder elements on your website, and configure our standard JavaScript implementation. Simple but still allowing you a lot of control.

For further customization and headless integrations, look at our JSON Display API, which allows you to get the review content data directly in JSON format, for full flexibility in how you display them.

If you need to get up and running with even less work, ask for a Zero Configuration script from TestFreaks, which you can implement using Google Tag Manager, without any other changes.

Additional integration

Depending on your requirements, you may need to customize the analytics, set up content syndication, use other features like Questions & Answers, tweak the content moderation guidelines or enable translations.

To integrate with other code and tools on your end, please see our Review Summaries API, Reviews API, and other APIs.

Talk to your TestFreaks contact for more information.