Review Collection

Use Review Collection to collect reviews from your customers.

With pro-active review collection, you need to set up an order feed.

As an alternative or addition to the normal order based review collection service, its also possible to create links to our review collection form directly.

The base URL for this is:

Supported Parameters

client_id The unique identifier for your client configuration. Required.
key The product identifier used when retrieving reviews from the related APIs. Limited to 255 characters. Required.
url_key The family ID for grouping product reviews. Called family_id or parent_sku in the product feed.
name Name of the product. Limited to 255 characters.
url Product page URL.
email Customer’s email address.
score Pre-selects the review score. 1-5.
source Source / campaign identifier. Included in review exports. Limited to 255 characters.
order_id Order ID. (Discuss with TestFreaks first.)

The presence of the email parameter will produce a form that doesn’t ask for the author’s email address and will also instruct the system to not send out any address verification emails.

Example URL