Mail templates

Last modified: April 16, 2020

The best way to get high volumes of relevant reviews is by proactively asking for it at the right moment, with the right message. This document describes how you can customize the email templates used. Most of our implementations use our default templates which you only configure, in which case you don’t need to change the underlying templates.


TestFreaks is using Liquid for email templates. Please read the Liquid documentation for more information. You also have access to this data in your templates:

Name Description
items The list of items you want to ask for a review. See below for each item
customer_name Name of the customer the email is sent to
customer_id Your ID of the customer
customer_email Customer email address
review_url Link to the website version of this email, listing all items again
seller_review_url Separate link to collect a seller review about the purchase
opt_out_url Full URL for the opt-out
all_images_present True if all items has a valid image_url. Useful if you want to avoid showing images for only some items.
all_items_present True if no items had to be truncated from this email. The full list will still be visible on review_url.
only_service True if there are no items, and this is only a service review request
format If you want to customize the text version of the email, the template will be used twice. Once with format equal to html and once with format equal to text

If you base your template on our standard templates you will also have access to these variables automatically:

Name Description
logo_url URL of your logo, if you want to manage it through the portal
logo_x Suggested width of the logo in the email
logo_y Suggested height of the logo in the email
client_name Name of your company or website, useful if you want to share templates across multiple brands or localized versions of the site.
opt_out Suggested and localized text to show before the opt-out link
opt_out_a Suggested and localized anchor text for the opt-out
after_opt_out Suggested and localized text to show after the opt-out link
external_service_url Will contain a correctly tracked link to an external service for custom surveys, if you have this enabled in your implementation

And each item in items above contains this data:

Name Description
name Item name, typically full product name
review_url Full URL of the review form. If you want to render multiple links per item you can also add for example &score=4
image_url Full URL of a product image from the product feed. May not be available.
item_id Item ID
category Your category name