JSON Seller Reviews API

The JSON Seller Review API allows you to access seller reviews for custom integrations.

Accessing Seller Reviews

The API takes your client ID and returns a JSON response with the total number of seller reviews, the average score, and the first page of reviews.


The your.client.id part should be replaced with one of your assigned client IDs.

Example response:

  avg_score: 4.85,
  review_count: 1234,
  seller_reviews: [
      author: "Author Name",
      score: 5,
      score_max: 5,
      date: "2018-01-01",
      extract: "Review text",
      lang: "en"

A callback parameter can be added for a padded JSON (JSONP) response suitable for JavaScript integration:

  avg_score: 4.85,
  review_count: 1234,


The API returns the ten most recent seller reviews by default. The limit parameter can be used to control the page size, and offset can be used to access following pages. For example:


Score Selection

The min and max parameters control the range of scores to include in the response. For example: