Syndication to Retailers

Last modified: September 20, 2019

This document describes how you as a retailer can syndicate content from brands working with the TestFreaks platform.


TestFreaks allows syndication of these content types.

Ratings & Reviews. Reviews collected by the brand as well as optional reviews from other sources.

Video. Basically any type of video, it could be the brand product presentation, something about features, or a professional review, or an end-user reviewing the product.

Images. Brand-provided images, images from review, or images from social media.

You can pick and choose or filter each of these to only get what they want. So for example, perhaps you only want the official video content, no user-generated content. Or perhaps only content in your local language. Same with reviews, you choose if you only want the brand provided reviews, only expert reviews or awards, specific sources, or everything.


We have three options.

  1. Use our widgets to create a new element on your website, perhaps a new tab or a new section. This will work exactly like the widgets we provide for our clients, see Hosted UI and JSON API.

  2. Use our javascript implementation to inject the content into some element you already have. TestFreaks can write this code, or you do.

  3. Use our API or feeds to get this data, and then integrate it into your website so it works just like other elements of your website. This native type of integration is preferred, but requires some technical help from your end.

With the first two options, implementation can be made over Google TagManager or similar, and it’s very simple to run A/B-tests to demonstrate conversion rate uplift.)

Our platform gives you as a retailer full control over how the content is integrated on your website.

Options for indexability

One important aspect is what to allow search engines to index, and concerns about duplicate content.

We have three approaches to this issue, and you can pick and choose depending on the type of content and your individual use case.

One is just to ignore it and focus on the on-site experience. This would be the best approach for something like Youtube embedding widgets. It will not be a problem for SEO. Same thing with images, backfilling with a shared image is better than no image.

Second option is to disallow indexing in search engines. This is our default approach to review texts from other sources, they’re not indexed with our widgets and APIs. Ratings and the counters are still included in the rich snippets though, which gives an advantage in search engine.

Third option is to our Unique Content Tracking so that an individual piece of content provided by the brand is unique to you for indexing purposes. Our brands can collect (say) 200 reviews for an individual product, and assign 5 of them just to a single retailer. Please discuss this with the brand.