TestFreaks Moderation Guidelines

Last updated: October 3, 2023

These guidelines apply to all clients using the TestFreaks review moderation service.

All reviews are read and acted upon by human moderators. A review may either be Accepted, Rejected or Ignored. When reading this guideline the word customer is used when talking about the person submitting/posting review(s).

Accept Will publish the review Customer will not receive an email
Reject Will not publish the review Customer gets reply with reason for rejection as well as helpful information needed to edit their review or contact information to the seller
Ignore Will not publish the review Customer will not receive an email

Product Reviews

All reviews should be about the actual product and the review should be written in the intended language. Minor spelling and grammar mistakes are accepted as long as the review is easy to understand. Minor comments about seller, delivery and purchase experience are accepted as long as the review also includes a major part being product comments.

A review may not include exact price or offer, however it is accepted to use wording like bargain, good price, discount.

Reject Criterias

Criteria Action
Review content is mostly about the seller, delivery or purchase experience Reject
Review complains about a company- or customer service policy Reject
Review includes profanity, swearing and/or inappropriate words/offensive language Reject
Review mentions the actual price Reject
Review intentionally directs business away from the seller, or, mentions competitor retailers Reject
Review content is mostly a question directed towards the seller, customer service, or another published review Reject
Review includes personally identifying information such as email addresses, order numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers Reject
The product is clearly not tested or used Reject
Review includes promotional or advertising content or includes URLs Reject
Review includes sexist content or racist characteristics content or content that condescends certain people or groups. Reject
Customer claims they did not receive the ordered product(s) Reject*
Customer suggests legal action against the seller Reject
Customer claims that a faulty product caused physical damage to property, or, injury to a person or animal Reject
Customer claims that the product(s) are counterfeit-, fake or pirated Reject
Customer is complaining about damage to product(s) Reject*
Review is written in wrong language Reject
Spelling and grammatical errors making the review difficult to understand Reject
Rating and review content are inconsistent Reject
Review contains words such as theft or fraud Reject
Customer have chosen an inappropriate alias Reject
Review suggest or contain evidence of violence to a child, child pornography, serious injury to a child, or death of a child or an adult Reject

*) When a customer complains about damaged products(s) or that they did not receive the ordered product(s), the review is rejected. In the reject reply the customer is advised to contact the seller to sort this matter out. Contact information is provided in the reject reply to the customer.

Rejected Reviews

When a review is rejected the customer is sometimes asked to edit the review before it can be published. Once the customer submits the edited review the moderation team will act upon the new content.

If the customer chooses not to follow the instructions in the reject email and post the review as it was when rejected, the review will be ignored.

Rejected reviews can also advise the customer to contact the seller, i.e. in the case of broken product upon delivery. In these cases there will be no review sent back to moderation.

Ignore Criterias

Criteria Action
An earlier rejected review is re-posted with its original content Ignore
Review content is clearly gibberish and submitter has no intention of posting a real review Ignore
Review content states or suggests that the customer is under the age of 13 Ignore
Same review content is clearly duplicated (e.g. spam) Ignore
Customer claiming they did not order the product(s) Ignore
Customer claiming they returned the product(s) unused Ignore

Media Content in Reviews

The customer has the option to add media content (photos, videos) to their review which will be published alongside their written text. When uploading, the customer is informed of the following guidelines:

  • The duration of an attached video must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Media content should be relevant to the review, with the product clearly visible.
  • Media content that is clearly copied or collected from the internet will be removed, we only allow content that the customer has taken themselves or have the right to upload.
  • Media content must not be used for advertising purposes.
  • Media content must not contain copyrighted material (e.g. copyrighted music over a recorded video).
  • Media content must not support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups.
  • Media content must not suggest or contain evidence of violence to a child, child pornography, serious injury to a child, or death of a child or an adult.
  • Media content must not have a political agenda.
  • Media content must not contain any nudity.

If these criterias are not met, the media will be removed by moderators. The written text is treated separately, so that an acceptable review may still be published after removing the attached media.